Business Intelligence To Solve Your Manufacturing Challenges


Here’s how Vision Fulfill Digital Consulting uses data analytics and business intelligence to help manufacturing businesses solve common business challenges.

Unorganized data

Unorganized data

Data mining and other tools to collect and segment relevant information.

Manual Data Analysis

Manual Data Analysis

Artificial intelligence to provide deeper insights by automating the analytical process.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

Establishing a data driven system for better liquidity management so have the cash to invest in growth whenever you need it.

Supply Chain Gaps

Descriptive, Diagnostic and Prescriptive analytics to study the patters, identify gaps, reduce dependance and optimize the supply chain .

B2B Customer Experience

B2B Customer Experience

Apply techniques to help you pre-empt customer’s requirements, delight them with product and process efficiency.

Volatile Market Conditions

Volatile Market Conditions

Have access to constant market information through market intelligence application.

Development & Innovation

Development & Innovation

Be a pioneer in the industry with analytics backed product & process development fueled by business intelligence.

Global Offshoring

Offshoring & Re-shoring

Studying internal and external data to evaluate and optimize your products & processes to counter offshore competition & re-shore successfully.

Areas of Expertise

Business Understanding

1) Business

Data Discovery

2) Data

Data Warehousing

3) Data

Data Mining

4) Data

Enterprise Data Management

5) Enterprise Data

Data Visualization

6) Data

Business Intelligence

7) Business

Big Mining

8) Big

Advanced Analytics & ML

9) Advanced Analytics
& ML

Cloud Migration & Cloud Re-engineering

10) Cloud Migration &
Cloud Re-engineering

Flexible & Customizable Business Intelligence & Data Services

ForManufacturing BusinessesIn The US

Select your requirement

Select your requirement

Data Science

We engage with data right from exploration to integration, preparation and management and enable decision-making.

  • Data exploration, collection, mining, cleaning & transformation
  • Defining Big Data and building data dictionaries
  • Forecasting and regression modelling and analysis
  • Data science model building, fitting, and maintenance
  • Machine learning and automation of analytical model tuning
  • Anomaly and outlier detection of rare items, events, observations
  • Natural language processing and text-based insights

Data Analytics

We examine what works, what does not, by how much, and why to make the best possible decisions.

  • Identify the business problem and outline the enterprise-wide perspective to solve the problem
  • Diagnostic & Descriptive Analytics
  • Complete end-to-end business operations analysis
  • Digitization and enabling Data focused business process
  • Technical recommendation to implement solutions based on the client’s requirements
  • Predictive/prescriptive analytics, regression modelling, forecasting
  • Optimization strategy, portfolio strategy, and optimal mix

Business Intelligence

Applied with in-depth analysis in 4Ps of your organization individually or holistically to provide customized solutions

  • Real-time reporting, alerting, forecasting, and prediction
  • Data visualization, illustration and dashboard production
  • Analytics and business intelligence platform implementations
  • Creation of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Business Intelligence EDW, architecture and schema modelling
  • Tag management, implementation, standardization, and QA
  • White-labelled reporting: company, department, partnership, etc

Select the type of support

Tier 1

Hourly based engagement for various roles per your requirement. Shared Account or Project Manager.

Tier 2

Hybrid engagement where resources are a mix of part-time & full-time per your requirement. Shared Account or Project Manager.

Tier 3

Full-time engagement model where all resources including Account or Project Manager are dedicated.

Select the package

Select the package


  • As-needed or “Project Based”
  • Standard Pricing
  • Use tactically
  • Data Analytics expert team
  • No commitment


  • Month-to-month
  • Price Discount
  • Use strategically
  • Data Analytics expert team
  • Limited commitment


  • Year-to-year
  • Price Discount
  • Use strategically
  • Data Analytics expert team
  • Fixed commitment

Not consultants, we are your partners in growth.

Grow Business

We assist businesses in collecting new data, and structuring unorganized data or underutilized data into a meaningful insights. This is followed by suggesting quantifiable, time-bound actions based on the insights that assist them in achieving business goals within a specific functional area or across the organization as a whole.

Data Circle

Our team of experts provides flexible, affordable and result-oriented business intelligence solutions centered around specific sectors like manufacturing. We aim to optimize costs and processes thereby helping you fulfill your vision of growth and creating value for all stakeholders.

Data Analytics

Vision Fulfill Digital consulting provides end-to-end business consulting solutions which are flexible, affordable & result-oriented as per specific business requirements. Our solutions are leverage Data-Digital-Technology to bring a world of good for your business.

As part of our recent study of US manufacturing businesses, we came up with top their challenges to highlight the role of Business Intelligence in addressing them.